Spend more time doing the things you enjoy!
Secure your business with automated invoicing, bookings and bin tracking that saves you time



Diary Like Dashboard

Our home screen is simple, shows what deliveries need doing today or haven't been done and all pickups ready for collection


Never Loose Your Bookings

Cloud hosting means you can't loose your bookings or other information. Your information is available 24/7 on any device.


Automated Invoicing

Spend more time enjoying life not creating invoices and endless paperwork. Just put your booking in and Wastr automates the rest.

Locate Your Bins

Easily locate where you recorded leaving your skip bin

Don't Loose Bookings or Skips
Don't Loose Bookings or Skips
We've made tracking your jobs and bins on any device beautifully easy

Hiary keeps track of all your deliveries and pickups so you don't have to keep unreliable diaries full of names and addresses or manage various spreadsheets that could be lost or stolen. Using our skip bin hire management software means you'll always know where your bins and bookings are and be able to access them from any device.

Hiary invoices customers directly so there's no double handling of data saving you precious time that could be spent doing more enjoyable activities. All of the documents that Hiary can produce for the operation of your skip hire company can be fully customised to your needs. This includes invoices, dockets, runsheets, statements and various emails that can be sent to customers or printed.

Because we believe there is a simpler way we've focused on limiting the complexity of the solution we offer and taken on managing the hosting so you can focus on the operation of your business. Our team is passionate about delivering the simplest solution to you so that you can secure your business and deliver a quality and reliable service to your customers without spending 1000's of hours rolling your own solution.

Getting started is easy, just click the Free Trial button and after filling in a few details you'll have your very own Hiary account that you can access 24/7 from any device. Your account will come populated with some sample skip bin bookings to help you see what our skip bins hire app can do for you straight away. If you'd prefer a demo or for one of our team to help you setup your account we'd be happy to assist you getting started.